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About me

Hey there! I'm Vejas, a student, web developer, and musician from the Netherlands. Through freelancing and collaborating with various SMEs, I've delved deep into the realms of Website Development, Design, basic marketing, and Web Hosting/DNS management.

I love to bring a practical touch to my skills, grounded in real-world experiences. As someone passionate about making a tangible impact on society, I'm not just about coding; I'm intrigued by fields like aviation that directly influence the world around us.

Beyond the tech world, I'm a polyglot. Fluent in Dutch, German, Lithuanian, and English, I bridge linguistic gaps and offer translation services. On top of that, I posses conversational proficiency in French and Russian languages.

I'm a musician too. Playing cello and piano and diving into music theory as a hobby keeps me balanced and adds a creative flair to my skill set. Looking for sheet music transcription services? You found the right guy!

In projects, I'm all about the details and approaching challenges systematically. My dedication to delivering quality work is matched only by my adaptability to new challenges. I'm not just seeking a job; I'm on a journey of personal and professional growth, eager to contribute meaningfully to society.

Connecting with professionals in diverse fields is a step in my journey. I'm excited about the future, committed to aligning my career with my values, and making a difference in whatever I do. Let's connect, learn, and build something great together!

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