My experience as a webmaster

Kloek Pallets Kampen (06/2022 - Present)

Primary responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing the companies website. 
  • Managing SEO and marketing. 
  • Development of online recruitment systems. 
  • Designing of the presentation of the company.

Feedback from employer: "We are extremely pleased with the exceptional level of services that Vejas has been delivering."

Kloek Pallets Kampen Website

EcoWR and their associates (04/2022-04/2023)

Primary responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing websites.
  • Managing web hosting and domains (DNS).
  • Management of webmail.
  • Managing SEO and (basic) marketing.
  • Basic HTML programming.
  • Implementation of e-commerce systems like Square, PayPal and Stripe.
  • Providing support regarding webmail, web hosting and website management.

Feedback from employer: "Great professional communication, quality and speed. <...> Will order again. Thanks."

EcoWR website (06/2021-07/2021)

Primary responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing the companies website.
  • Domain management (DNS).
  • Basic HTML programming (and implementation of basic plug-ins).

Feedback from employer: 

"I was super happy with his work, very patient, sympathetic and delivered the work we requested. 

I highly recommend this 5 star service! 

Would work with him again." website

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