Vėjas Škarnulis | About me

>about me

Hey there! I'm Vėjas, a web designer with development proficiency (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP)and musician from the Netherlands. By freelancing and working closely with numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, including some of Europe's largest manufacturing, logistics, and investment banking companies, I have established an impressive number of projects and gained expertise in diverse areas beyond just web development. These include business administration, translation, marketing, and sales.

>Technical skills
I'm a web designer with proficiency in web development. My proficiency extends to CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla. Next to creating web apps and websites, I'm acquainted with the general field of IT management.

>Past and current projects
My portfolio contains Europe's most successful SME's, ranging from manufacturing to investment banking. I was designing and developing websites, creating sales presentations, and working together with HR, recruitment, and logistics departments to streamline their workflows. The feedback from my employers was overwhelmingly positive, and my work, combined with my extensive problem-solving abilities, has led to increased productivity, company profits, and better brand representation amongst my employers.

>My expertise beyond tech
I'm fluent in Dutch, German, Lithuanian, and English. I bridge linguistic barriers and provide proficient translation services for the aforementioned languages. On top of that, I possess conversational proficiency in French and Russian.
During my past and current work experiences, I've expanded my abilities to a vast array of different fields beyond tech: copywriting, business administration, marketing, and sales.  In today's constantly shifting world, I firmly believe that possessing versatility and adaptability is paramount. Moreover, my diverse areas of specialisation have expanded both my overall and professional outlook, enriching my perspective.

>Soft skills and work culture
When it comes to communication, professionalism is my priority. I approach your project with the utmost seriousness and adhere to all requirements of confidentiality as per your specifications. Employing effective and well-planned timelines is a principle I have always abided by.  It's better to invest more time into a project in order to ensure its thorough execution and better attention to every intricate aspect. 
Problem solving is a valuable skill that is essential in both personal and professional life. It involves identifying an issue, gathering information, evaluating possible solutions, and implementing the best one. I have always been naturally inclined towards problem solving, thus I am adept at this skill. In the face of any challenge, I always manage to find a creative solution to it, often by thinking outside the box. 

My dedication to delivering quality work is matched only by my adaptability to new challenges. I'm not just seeking a job; I'm on a journey of personal and professional growth, eager to contribute meaningfully to society. Connecting with professionals in diverse fields is a step in my journey. I'm excited about the future, committed to aligning my career with my values, and making a difference in whatever I do. Let's connect, learn, and build something great together!